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Employer Branding
& Recruitment Marketing

We are your HR department's secret weapon for attracting talent. Our content and tools help position your company optimally as an attractive employer. Our job does not stop at attracting new employees, but we also build a strategy for engaging and retaining your current employees. Our ultimate goal is to make your company culture even more inviting and inclusive.

The WERRK approach.

Let us manage your entire employer branding campaign or recruitment marketing – or choose only solutions that enhance your internal campaigns.

Attract talent like a magnet.

How we can help you attract new talent.
Wave Decoration Attract talent like a magnet.

The – by now well-known – War for Talent has made it apparent that a plain job listing is no longer adequate to entice qualified candidates.

In a job market where candidates are bombarded with numerous opportunities, it is crucial to have a diverse set of job content that captures their attention. Our company specializes in helping you showcase your unique offerings to job seekers.

Take a peek at the various work formats we offer below to find the ones that best match your job campaign's goals.

Our werrk formats to attract new talent.


A clear recruitment strategy ensures that your job material is consistent and resonates with your target audience. By defining your current brand image and employer personality, we create a clear roadmap for the future.

Job page

Our recruitment page welcomes your interested candidates in an inviting, enthusiastic and well-organised way. Collect all vacancies and CVs in one place, book interviews and stay organised, wherever you are.

Job advert

As with any marketing material, your ad depends on the words you use. Sharp headlines, funny titles and a clear call-to-action will make your ad attractive to your potential candidates.

Job video

Video is an integral part of today's job campaign and part of your employer image. Our work crew takes care of the production in every detail: from filming and editing to delivery in all formats.

Job Booster

A job booster distributes your job posting in places where it is most viewed: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and other social networks. But equally well on job boards such as Indeed, Monster and Google Jobs.

Recruitment copy

"Recruitment is becoming more like Marketing". And whoever thinks of marketing thinks of AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. Use expressive job ads that take your candidate through the AIDA path and you will receive a lot more applications.

Office Tour

A good office tour gives your potential candidate a look behind the scenes. Where are they going to work? What is the atmosphere like in the office? We create a combination of 360° tours, interviews and drone shots to give an idea of what it feels like to work for you.

Job podcast

Podcasts have become part and parcel of the media landscape. But how can you use this content format to attract new employees? We will help you with it, by getting your employees talking and professionally producing your job podcast.

Career Day

Organising a career day is like organising a small event, with the important difference: putting your company and its employees in the picture. And letting applicants experience your company culture in every aspect of it.

Recruitment Games

Let your candidates discover your company through playing mini-games, all the while testing their intellect and resourcefulness. This job strategy not only works for technical profiles, but also offers a fun alternative to the traditional job campaign.

Job Radio/TV

What could be more fun for job applicants than listening to or watching a broadcast about the goings-on at your company? Presented by your employees - and produced by us - makes vacancy content aplenty.

We have a lot more werrk formats to attract new talent.

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Make your onboarding a success story.

Our approach to onboarding new employees.
Wave Decoration Make your onboarding a success story.

An employee's first working days are a concentration of impressions, so it is important to make this process smooth ... and make it a memorable experience!

A nice welcome with attention to detail makes a world of difference. With the right approach, you will create a fan for life from your new employee.

Take a look below at our different onboarding formats, which you could use for your onboarding process.

Our werrk formats to onboard new employees.

Boarding Box

Create lasting memories and make a positive first impression with a custom-tailored employee welcome gift box. Working with your team, we fill the box with surprises that reflect your company's core values in messaging and products, ensuring a gift that keeps on giving.

Welcome Video

A welcome video can introduce your company to new employees or visitors, providing key information about your mission, culture, history, and more. Use it as an effective tool to make a positive first impression and share upfront details of interest to potential employees or customers.

Onboarding Page

Set up new employees for success by providing essential resources like handbooks, training materials, and paperwork tools. Additionally, offer orientation and training scheduling support and access to company resources, all designed to help them quickly transition into their new roles and succeed.

Training Video

Training videos are an effective way to teach and learn. They offer visual and auditory learning, accessibility, and scalability. An engaging and informative video can make learning more efficient, and can train large groups at once. Ensure your team's success with our top-quality training video service.

We have a lot more werrk formats to onboard new employees.

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Create a strong brand for talents.

How we put a spotlight on your Employer Brand.
Wave Decoration Create a strong brand for talents.

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, companies are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals who can help drive growth and innovation.

However, with so many companies vying for the same candidates, it can be difficult to identify the companies who truly stand out from the crowd. That's why, as a business seeking top-tier talent, it's essential to have a strong and distinctive brand that can attract the best and brightest in your industry.

By showcasing your company's values, mission, and culture, you can create a compelling narrative that resonates with potential candidates and helps establish your organization as a great place to work.

Our werrk formats to develop your employer brand.

Employer Brand Scan

Assess and improve your employer brand with our employer brand scan, ideal for companies of all sizes. We analyze your reputation as an employer, identify gaps, and provide recommendations to differentiate yourself from competitors and enhance your brand.

Job in the Picture

Employee testimonials are a great way for companies to show prospective employees and consumers what it's like working for their organization. They can also be used in recruiting efforts and can gradually improve an employer brand or organisation's reputation.

We have a lot more werrk formats to develop your employer brand.

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Keep top talent on board.

What we do to retain employees at your company.
Wave Decoration Keep top talent on board.

Retaining top talent is crucial for businesses to stay competitive in today's job market. Competitive compensation and benefits are no longer enough; businesses must also provide growth opportunities, foster a positive culture, and recognize outstanding performance.

Investing in top talent inspires loyalty and engagement, leading to increased productivity and overall success. Prioritizing retention should be a key component of any business's long-term success strategy.

By doing so, businesses can maintain a talented workforce, ensure continued growth, and keep up with the ever-changing demands of the market.

Our werrk formats to retain good employees in your company.

Workforce retention

Improving employee retention requires intentional efforts from you, as an employer. Providing growth opportunities, a positive work environment, and recognition for performance can make employees want to stay. Our ideas and inspiration can help you achieve this goal.

Work Radio

A popular format for employee engagement is Work Radio, an online streaming radio show created by and for employees. Teams and departments can connect through music, interviews, and quizzes, regardless of their location. Tune in from anywhere for a fun and interactive experience.

CEO Webcast

Engage your employees with top-level management through our quarterly webcast on our interactive streaming platform. Host Q&A sessions, chat rooms, voting, and polls in a fully customizable environment. We provide the equipment, crew, and platform for a seamless experience for thousands of employees.

Exit Plan

Having a graceful exit plan can increase the chances of employees leaving with dignity and speaking positively about the company. Providing a positive exit experience shows that the company values and respects their employees, even when it's time to move on.

We have a lot more werrk formats to retain good employees in your company.

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